The fees you pay will vary to the property(ies) you are letting, and whether or not Tessa Lang Property Ltd. is your Sole and/or Managing Agent.

Letting and Collection of Rent Fee 12% (inc. VAT)

  • Agree market rent and find a Tenant in accordance with Landlord guidelines and best professional practice
  • Market the property including internet portals, digital, print and social media
  • Provide professional photography and floorplan
  • Carry out accompanied viewings
  • Organise check in and check out inventory reports
  • Provide guidance on compliance, statutory obligations and letting consents
  • Advise on refurbishment, presentation and staging
  • Collect and remit rent received, administer any arrears
  • Issue monthly account
  • Make any HMRC deduction and provide Tenant with NRL8 if relevant
  • Administration of Renewal of Tenancy and deposit

Letting and Property Management 17%  (inc VAT)

  • All duties as above
  • Professional video 
  • Printed Property Brochure
  • Utility supplier management and change-over
  • Routine property inspection and tenant management
  • Maintenance schedule, repairs and contractor management
  • Maintain statutory and recommended periodic tests, assessments and certificates
  • Key holder and access provider throughout the tenancy
  • Managing and attending check in and check out processes
  • Administering schedule of delapidations and deposit deduction administration
  • Court attendance by special arrangement and at a fee of £300 per day or part thereof
  • Annual Statement of Tenancy Account
  • Obtain quotes and project manage the refurbishment of properties as appropriate for
  • their letting potential at fee of 12% Inc VAT of the total cost of the works